Nordea Wealth Management is a funding member of the The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB). The CHRB is working towards ranking the top 500 globally listed companies on their human rights policy, process and performance. Representing Nordea Wealth Management on the Steering Committee is Head of Thematic Research, Magdalena Kettis.

Benchmark results on 100 companies within the agricultural products, apparel, and extractive industries  sector will be released in early 2017.

Raising awareness on human rights

Human rights is a focus area for Wealth Management stewardship activities. We believe that human rights are fundamental to sustainable finance and provide the core values on which a sustainable financial system should be built. The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark will raise the level of awareness of the materiality of human rights and help companies meet investor expectations on human rights. It will also enable financial institutions such as Nordea to assess and help clients to ensure they are not linked to human rights abuses.

Want the full overview? Access CHRB website here.