The default premium pension provider in Sweden holds fossil companies that emits in total 287 million tonnes of CO2 every year. Out of this total, the ownership share that the pension fund is responsible for is roughly 250 000 tonnes of CO2 every year. This is calculated based on the ownership share of these oil, coal and gas companies multiplied by these companies’ total reported emissions.

If everyone in Sweden would switch their default fund scheme in their premium pension to sustainable funds (which naturally do not hold oil, coal and gas companies), we would reduce our carbon footprint by at least that much.

The size of this amount of annual CO2 emissions (250 000 tonnes) is a bubble with a diameter of 6428 meters and a volume of 139 billion square meters. So, let us all pop this bubble by investing sustainably to reduce our carbon footprint and pressure the market towards fossil-free.


Disclaimer: Data on the companies’ total reported emissions are from 2016. The source of this data are from the companies’ own sustainability reports or second-hand sources such as CDP. The emissions from one fossil company were estimated due to lack of transparency. Market values for fossil companies were retrieved in July 2017.