Prior to giving proper advise, we need to get to know our client. An investment advisory is always based on what our client tells about his/her financial situation, general needs, and views on expected return and risk as well as investment interests.

Our advisory philosophy is based on Portfolio Theory, a scientifically based theory of how to allocate capital between asset classes (allocation) and spread the risks in these (diversification) in the best way possible. The strategic direction and long-term way of thinking lay down the foundation for a portfolio's development over time. When we talk about the strategy, we refer to the strategic allocation, i.e. the long-term allocation between asset classes - equities, long-term rates, short-term rates - that constitutes a saving portfolio.

That an investor has a fair risk in his/her investment portfolio and understands what it means to take risk is also - and especially - important considering the concerns regarding the financial markets during the past years

How we advise our clients

An analysis of needs intends to develop a comprehensive picture of the client's situation regarding his savings. It includes economic situation, saving needs, expectation of return, risk tolerance, investment period, existing savings portfolio, and interest/activity.