Teach for Sweden is a two-year leadership programme that invites graduates and professionals to make a difference for our future generations while getting an education as teachers and leaders.

The goal is to create a school system where all children get equal opportunities – no matter what school they attend, their parents’ educational level or their socioeconomic background.

Taking a stand for equality

Nordea has been a main partner in Teach for Sweden since the beginning in 2013. This means that we not only support financially, but also participate in various parts of the programme. This includes providing a number of mentors whose task it is to inspire and stimulate leadership qualities in the candidates.

By participating in Teach for Sweden and actively taking a stand for equality in Swedish schools we make a difference for the individual students. But of course we also benefit from this in the long run, as the programme helps secure the supply of competence for Swedish companies and corporations in the future. To succeed with this, it is important that we inspire young people to seek out certain types of educations and that we continue to nurse and educate a high number of qualified and motivated teachers.

As a company we can also learn from the school’s ability to integrate new students, evaluate the work that is carried out and coach the children. We look forward to taking part in the development of a better and more equal school system and making a difference for thousands of students.

Read more about Teach for Sweden here (in Swedish).