A project led by Norway’s state-owned utility Statkraft is in the process of spending EUR 1.1bn. to develop Europe’s largest onshore wind project in Central-Norway, comprising six onshore wind farms and 278 turbines supplied by Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems, with a combined capacity of 1000MW.

The project is set to double Norway’s existing wind power capacity, and the country’s minister of trade and industry, Monica Mæland, has called it “a significant boost for renewable energy investment in Norway”.

Unnecessary and too expensive

While the project encounters lots of support, it is also met with criticism. Due to the fact that 99% of all power production in Norway comes from the much cheaper alternative, hydropower*, the critics say that the project is both unnecessary and too expensive.

One of the critics is Professor of Energy Economics, Torsten Arne Bye.

- Hydropower costs about NOK 20 øre kWh. The price of wind power is approx. NOK 40 øre KWh – plus handling costs of NOK 10 øre kWh. From a social-economic point of view, the wind farms should be dropped, he says.

The construction work began in April 2016 and the wind turbines are projected to produce power in 2020

*Source: Statkraft