Building partnerships

Global reach through collaborations

We want to take an active role in aligning finance and markets to sustainability. We do this in part through our stewardship activities. This we believe will benefit companies and investors and contribute to a sustainable economy with prosperity and long-term growth and where pressing environmental and social issues are addressed.

As part of our sustainability finance approach, we apply internationally recognized principles of responsible investment and stewardship.

In 2007, we signed UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment. By endorsing these principles we commit to integrating environmental, social and governance factors into our investment decision-making processes as well as our stewardship policies and practices.

We engage with companies and other stakeholders including policymakers on different themes individually or through collaborative initiatives with global reach and supported by a large number of investors.


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Companies need to raise the bar and come up with new solutions to secure the future of our planet.…
We want to take an active role in aligning finance and markets to sustainability. We do this in…
There is a growing realization that resource scarcity and incorrect pricing of resources such as…
A cornerstone in our business approach is proper client advisory. Proper advice comes from us…

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Building partnerships

Great expectations: Investors push for human rights change

Great expectations: Investors push for human rights change

This is how we urged global companies to drive better human rights performance.


Letter from global investors to the G7 and G20 nations

Speak up! Letter from global investors to the G7 and G20 nations

Investors are urging G7 and G20 governments to keep climate change promises.


IIGCC: Investor expectations

Will the oil and gas sector prepare for a low-carbon future?

In order to encourage a transition to a low-carbon economy, we have set out expectations for oil and gas companies.


CHRB: Benchmark on human rights

CHRB is measuring corporate human rights performance

Which of the world's largest listed companies are managing human rights most appropriate? Let's find out.


SASB: Investor Advisory Group

We are calling for more sustainability reporting

If we can get more in-depth information on companies ESG performance, we can make wiser investment decisions.


The Access to Medicine Index

The 2016 Access to Medicine Index is now available

How do pharmaceutical companies make medicines and vaccines more accessible in low- and middle-income countries?


Investment Leaders Group

Let's make a shift towards responsible value creation

The Investment Leaders Group (ILG) is a global network committed to advancing the practice of responsible investments.


IIGCC: A letter to the G20 leaders

We need to push harder for substantial climate actions

Along with 130 dedicated investors, we signed a public letter to the G20 leaders urging them to take actions. Read it here.


EITI: Keeping track of natural resources

Investors’ statement on transparency in the extractives sector

EITI is promoting public awareness about how countries manage their oil, gas and mineral resources. Read about the initiative here.


CDP: Investing based on green data

The world’s biggest environmental database

CDP have a system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.


Principles for Responsible Investment

This is how ESG factors can increase profit

The PRI is the world's leading proponent of responsible investment. It is supported by the United Nations.


Sustainable Stock initiative

How can exchanges enhance corporate transparency?

Stock exchanges have an important role to play in global efforts towards sustainable development.


Teach for Sweden: To inspire children

Teach for Sweden: We take part in shaping our future

Teach for Sweden is a part of a global network working to ensure that all children have equal access to an education.


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Responsibility and growth can go hand in hand

Through its Finance Initiative, UNEP is working to encourage corporate sustainability.


Women Up: Against gender inequality

'Women Up' is engaging for gender equality

'Women Up' aims to increase women's role in the global economy by providing leadership training, mentorship and support.


Collaborative carbon reduction

We are putting the foot down on carbon footprint

At Nordea, we believe that increased transparency of funds’ carbon footprints contributes positively to tackling climate change.


The push for sustainable foods

Food companies urged to shift from meat to plants

What's in store for us? This is why pant-based proteins could be the real deal.