This is Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance at Nordea is about integrating sustainability into all our business activities and products within our core areas investment, lending and customer advice.

We are constantly facing global challenges and in relation to our business it means that we have to work integrated with environmental, social

and governance issues in all our fields. We also engage our clients and other stakeholders by providing information about relevant sustainability issues.

By acting on behalf of our clients we can contribute to economic growth and prosperity, through capital allocation and interaction with companies. This is not only a business opportunity, but a part of our fiduciary responsibility.


Snorre Storset presenting Sustainable Finance

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Companies need to raise the bar and come up with new solutions to secure the future of our planet.…
We want to take an active role in aligning finance and markets to sustainability. We do this in…
There is a growing realization that resource scarcity and incorrect pricing of resources such as…
A cornerstone in our business approach is proper client advisory. Proper advice comes from us…

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Sustainable future

Solar power in Australia

Australia could become a renewable energy superpower

Despite having one of the world's best renewable energy resources, Australia is on the back foot in the global energy stakes. But why?


Plantation on the edge

Plantation on the edge: We conduct active ownership

In 2016, we visited paper and pulp manufacturer Stora Enso in Brazil to see how conflicts with the locals are handled.


Climate change in Singapore

How Singapore is planning to address climate change

As a low-lying city-state, S’pore is particularly exposed to the challenges following global warming. The plan is laid out.


Business and the Paris Agreement

Sustainable goals: How can the private sector help?

During the COP22, we talked with Executive Director of UNEP, Erik Solheim, about the role of business in climate change.


Melting glacier in Greenland

The disturbing truth: Glacier in Greenland is melting away

Sasja Beslik has travelled to Greenland to have a close look at one of the world's fastest melting glaciers.


IIGCC: Investor expectations

Will the oil and gas sector prepare for a low-carbon future?

In order to encourage a transition to a low-carbon economy, we have set out expectations for oil and gas companies.


Climate action in the private sector

They mean business: Climate action is gaining ground

The sustainable development accelerates as more business leaders see the benefits of taking ambitious climate action.


Wind turbines in Norway

Wind power project in Norway: Can green be too costly?

An onshore wind farm project in Norway has divided stakeholders into two. "Unnecessary and too expensive", some point out.


Report: Growing interest in SRI

The evolution of SRI: Increasing interest in green investing

A recent study from the pan-European network Eurosif reveals a heavy growth in sustainable themed investments.


COP22: Nordea in Morocco

Diary from COP22: It’s time to make policy into reality

While COP21 was about promises and commitments, COP22 was about taking action. So obviously, we were present.


CHRB: Benchmark on human rights

CHRB is measuring corporate human rights performance

Which of the world's largest listed companies are managing human rights most appropriate? Let's find out.


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