This is Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance at Nordea is about integrating sustainability into all our business activities and products within our core areas investment, lending and customer advice.

We are constantly facing global challenges and in relation to our business it means that we have to work integrated with environmental, social

and governance issues in all our fields. We also engage our clients and other stakeholders by providing information about relevant sustainability issues.

By acting on behalf of our clients we can contribute to economic growth and prosperity, through capital allocation and interaction with companies. This is not only a business opportunity, but a part of our fiduciary responsibility.


Snorre Storset presenting Sustainable Finance

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Companies need to raise the bar and come up with new solutions to secure the future of our planet.…
We want to take an active role in aligning finance and markets to sustainability. We do this in…
There is a growing realization that resource scarcity and incorrect pricing of resources such as…
A cornerstone in our business approach is proper client advisory. Proper advice comes from us…

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Sustainable future

The number of contaminated waterways in India has more than doubled in the past five years with half of the country's rivers now being polluted.

Engaging the drug industry on water pollution in India

Nordea wants to be a game-changer in the case of global water issues. Here's how we do it.


Passion for sustainability across the bank

Passion for sustainability across the bank

This summer, Nordea established Sustainability Ambassadors Forum. Have a closer look here.



How Sweden can meet climate goals with a few changes

By adjusting eating and travel habits, the Swedes can make a big difference for the environment.


The European Financial Services Round Table (EFR) is very supportive of the European Union (EU) in order to meet the Paris Agreement goals – but calls for more action.

Stamp of approval: EFR honours the sustainable path

Europe's financial leaders welcome the High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.


Investors pressure ExxonMobil to take climate change seriously

ExxonMobil pressured to take climate change seriously

The world’s largest publicly listed oil and gas company is being pressured by its investors.


Great expectations: Investors push for human rights change

Great expectations: Investors push for human rights change

This is how we urged global companies to drive better human rights performance.


Letter from global investors to the G7 and G20 nations

Speak up! Letter from global investors to the G7 and G20 nations

Investors are urging G7 and G20 governments to keep climate change promises.


Climate change in Norway

Climate change in Norway: It’s getting ugly up there

In this film, we uncover the severe consequences of global warming in Norway.


Convenient choices

Convenient Choices: How investors can shape a better future

Watch this eye-opening mini documentary about how we have a choice to create a better tomorrow.


Here’s how global investors may help save the one of the most unique places on Eart

The chilling aspects: Climate change in the Arctic

Here’s how global investors may help save the one of the most unique places on Earth.


Solar power in Australia

Australia could become a renewable energy superpower

Despite having a prime basis, Australia is on the back foot in the global energy stakes. But why?


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