This is Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance at Nordea is about integrating sustainability into all our business activities and products within our core areas investment, lending and customer advice.

We are constantly facing global challenges and in relation to our business it means that we have to work integrated with environmental, social

and governance issues in all our fields. We also engage our clients and other stakeholders by providing information about relevant sustainability issues.

By acting on behalf of our clients we can contribute to economic growth and prosperity, through capital allocation and interaction with companies. This is not only a business opportunity, but a part of our fiduciary responsibility.


Snorre Storset presenting Sustainable Finance

Welcome to take part in what we do

Companies need to raise the bar and come up with new solutions to secure the future of our planet.…
We want to take an active role in aligning finance and markets to sustainability. We do this in…
There is a growing realization that resource scarcity and incorrect pricing of resources such as…
A cornerstone in our business approach is proper client advisory. Proper advice comes from us…

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Sustainable future

CHRB: Benchmark on human rights

CHRB is measuring corporate human rights performance

Which of the world's largest listed companies are managing human rights most appropriate?


SASB: Investor Advisory Group

We are calling for more sustainability reporting

More information on companies ESG performance equals wiser investment decisions.


The costs of community opposition

How community opposition can hurt the bottom line

Many companies do not fully recognize the operational risks of community opposition.


We took action in India

Polluting to Heal: We conducted active ownership in India

After the disturbing discovery of heavy water pollution from Indian bulk providers, we took action.


The Access to Medicine Index

The 2016 Access to Medicine Index is now available

How can medicines and vaccines be more accessible in low- and middle-income countries?


Responsible tax practices

Corporate taxation: It's a matter of public interest

We commissioned a report on responsible corporate tax practices. Get all the in-depth insights here.


Investment Leaders Group

Let's make a shift towards responsible value creation

The Investment Leaders Group is a global network committed to advancing responsible investments.


Our investment policy

These are our procedures to ensure responsible investing

By combining financial performance with responsibility we strive to offer clients responsible solutions.


Exclusion – the last resort

The last resort: We only exclude if it’s absolutely necessary

Excluding a company from our portfolio is always the last resort. However, sometimes it's called for.


Teaching youth about finance

We have a financial literacy programme. Did you know?

The programme engages hundreds of employees every year, reaching thousands of young people.


IIGCC: A letter to the G20 leaders

We need to push harder for substantial climate actions

Along with 130 dedicated investors, we signed a public letter to the G20 leaders urging them to take actions.


EITI: Keeping track of natural resources

Investors’ statement on transparency in the extractives sector

EITI is promoting public awareness about how countries manage their oil, gas and mineral resources.


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