Addressing global challenges

We have the tools for change

There is a growing realization that resource scarcity and incorrect pricing of resources such as water, clean air and soil ultimately impacts businesses and regulate their practices.

To become a leading European wealth manager, we feel it’s our obligation to address these challenges.

We want to use our capabilities and competencies not only to have a strong financial impact, but to have a positive social and environment impact too. These areas go hand in hand: conscious of our responsibilities, we can operate in a way that makes a difference to the lives of individuals and to society at large.


Snorre Storset presenting Sustainable Finance

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Companies need to raise the bar and come up with new solutions to secure the future of our planet.…
We want to take an active role in aligning finance and markets to sustainability. We do this in…
There is a growing realization that resource scarcity and incorrect pricing of resources such as…
A cornerstone in our business approach is proper client advisory. Proper advice comes from us…

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Addressing global challenges

water week2

Nordea at World Water Week 2018

This year’s World Water Week in Stockholm has come to an end, but new ideas and connections have just started.


Washing vegetables

No access to water in the biggest Swedish cities

By 2050, 38% of the world population would be in severe water stress and 2% would be displaced.


air pollution

Field visit to Bosnia: Zenica engulfed in smoke

Nordea visited the Bosnian capital to listen to the great concerns of the residents.


The continent is becoming increasingly hotter, and will experience more extreme heat causing intense drought and extensive coral damage in the world's largest reef system, Great Barrier Reef.

Climate change in Australia: A continent on the brink

Follow Sasja Beslik to Australia for a distressing look at the climate change impact.


Sweden Trafic

Climate issues on wheels: Sustainable transport in Europe

Transport represents a quarter of Europe's GHG emissions and is the main cause of air pollution in cities.


Swedish climate

Mind the gap: Sweden struggles to meet climate target

There's a 53% gap to meet Swedish climate target with current emissions trajectory.


Decrease your meat consumption

Decrease your meat consumption: A Latvia of livestock

The EU's population will peak around 2050, reaching 526 million persons, an increase of 3.7%.


Tap water is not only safe, but often better than bottled water.

Just how thirsty are you? The bottled water boom

Tap water is not only safe, but often better than bottled water due to the environmental impact of plastic.


Passion for sustainability across the bank

Passion for sustainability across the bank

This summer, Nordea established Sustainability Ambassadors Forum. Have a closer look here.


Investors pressure ExxonMobil to take climate change seriously

ExxonMobil pressured to take climate change seriously

The world’s largest publicly listed oil and gas company is being pressured by its investors.


Climate change in Norway

Climate change in Norway: It’s getting ugly up there

In this film, we uncover the severe consequences of global warming in Norway.


Convenient choices

Convenient Choices: How investors can shape a better future

Watch this eye-opening mini documentary about how we have a choice to create a better tomorrow.


Here’s how global investors may help save the one of the most unique places on Eart

The chilling aspects: Climate change in the Arctic

Here’s how global investors may help save the one of the most unique places on Earth.


Business and the Paris Agreement

Sustainable goals: How can the private sector help?

We talked with Executive Director of UNEP, Erik Solheim, about the role of business in climate change.


Melting glacier in Greenland

The disturbing truth: Glacier in Greenland is melting away

Sasja Beslik travelled to Greenland to have a look at one of the world's fastest melting glaciers.


Climate action in the private sector

They mean business: Climate action is gaining ground

The sustainable development accelerates as more businesses see the benefits of taking climate action.


COP22: Nordea in Morocco

Diary from COP22: It’s time to make policy into reality

While COP21 was about promises, COP22 was about taking action. So obviously, we were present.


Sustainability and finance

How can we increase company transparency?

We discuss sustainability and finance with Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets in Sweden.


Investing as a solution

What if we could invest us out of climate change?

Sustainable finance can play a crucial role in securing the well-being of tomorrow.


If India became climate conscious

Take the lead: What if India became climate conscious?

Nordea's Sasja Beslik is proud to present an extensive climate change case study on India and China.


If China was the good guy

Becoming green: What if China was the good guy?

China is facing a series of fundamental challenges in its quest to become a green superpower.


Tar sands in Canada

Dirty business: Digging in Canada's tar sands

Nordea's Sasja Beslik travelled to Canada to study the impacts of tar sand extraction.


Gold mining in South Africa

1000 feet below the surface: Gold mining in South Africa

We went to South Africa to get an impression of the conditions for the local mining workers.


How climate finance became visible during COP21

COP21: Climate change is also a money issue

How is climate finance a key element of supporting ambitious action on climate change?


Shale gas in Texas

Shale gas fracking in Texas: Just how safe is it?

We travelled to Texas to investigate and understand how the challenges of fracking are dealt with.


Consumption with a conscious

Consumption with a conscious: Towards greener living

Tackling over-consumption can be crucial to ensuring sustainable development. Here's how - and why.


Are business pledges believable?

Business pledges: True progress or greenwash?

Businesses can battle climate change. The question is: Can we trust their commitments?


If Saudi went green

Hopes of sustainability: What if Saudi went green?

From black to green: At some point, the Saudis must give in to their enormous solar resources.


Climate change in China and India

Are China and India ready to be climate game changers?

Get access to the full study of climate change targets for India and China.